Monday night, the Chicago White Sox hosted the Minnesota Twins. Trailing 3-1 in the bottom of the fifth when Chicago’s first baseman Gavin Sheets stepped to the plate against Minnesota pitcher Jose Berrios.

The hot-hitting Sheets struck out swinging and, given that this was a seven-inning doubleheader game, Bally Sports North announcer Dick Bremer made the assumption that this would be how Sheets would have to leave things on the evening.

“That’s gonna be the ever-lasting memory of Gavin Sheets against Berrios, at least tonight. He’s probably been told, “Yeah, the guy throws mid-90s, has a wipeout slider” and Sheets is going to toss and turn tonight thinking about his changeup.”

Wishful thinking by the Twins play-by-play announcer? Apparently so, because Sheets stepped to the plate once more in the bottom of the 7th and promptly jacked a game-winning home run off of Berrios deep into right field.

Chris Tannehill and Locked On White Sox podcast had some fun with the juxtaposition, which ended up having a very Larry David-esque vibe in the end.

They weren’t the only ones to notice the way-too-early call and the end result that followed.

And just to drive the dagger in a little further, White Sox announcer Jason Benetti, who called that home run, had some fun with the phrase in Tuesday night’s match-up.


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