A whole bunch of people on Twitter are freaking out today because of the SPORTS EQUINOX. What the hell is the sports equinox, you ask? It’s the convergence of all four major American pro sports (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL) on one night. Exciting, right?

This is the first sports equinox of the year (naturally, since the NBA season started just this week and all four sports aren’t in season at the same time during the first nine months of the year), and it might end up being the last sports equinox for…a whole three days.

Yep, that’s right – this “thing” that people are super excited about might happen again this weekend.

On Sunday, October 21st, there are 13 NFL games, four NBA games (only one of which, Rockets-Clippers, airs nationally), and three NHL games (one of which, Lightning-Blackhawks, also airs nationally). As for baseball, Game 7 of the Astros-Red Sox ALCS is scheduled for Sunday – if the Astros, down 3-1 as of Thursday afternoon, are able to win two straight games to force the seventh game in the series.

And yes, on Sunday, there isn’t college football, like there is tonight (albeit to the tune of just two games). But on Sunday, there *is* one Premier League game and a whopping 11 MLS games, arguably making it an even more chaotic, busy sports day than today (consisting of one MLB game, one NFL game, three NBA games, and nine NHL games).

If the Red Sox finish off the Astros either tonight or Saturday, the next sports equinox won’t be three days away. It could end up being a whopping ten days away instead, because Sunday, October 28th hosts a potential World Series Game 5, a full slate of NFL games, six NHL games, and four NBA games.

In short – we’re getting one sports equinox this year, and it’s tonight. That’s pretty cool. But the possibility of two more sports equinoxes in the next ten days is also on the table, which is far less cool because I’d wager that most people would prefer to spend their Sundays just watching football instead of worrying about America’s other three major sports leagues.

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