MLB’s package of midweek, non-exclusive games, an ESPN mainstay in previous TV deals that was dumped in the company’s most recent deal with MLB, still have not found a home for the 2022 season. Several suitors, including Barstool and Apple, have been linked to the package, but nothing has gotten done yet.

Well, another potential bidder has entered the fray: NBC Sports, which would reportedly air most of the games on Peacock. This news comes from the New York Post, which also reports that NBC would be teaming up with Apple in the bid, with MLB Network producing games for both companies.

Given that these games are non-exclusive (meaning they air on RSNs in the local markets, and are typically blacked out on the national network in those markets), this more seems like a way for the two companies to add some live content to their streaming services rather than a more significant move. Additionally, MLB’s new TV deals with Turner, Fox, and ESPN are just beginning, meaning that Apple and/or NBC would need to wait several years if they wanted a more significant package. Yeah, the midweek games are a foot in the door, but how long will they really keep waiting with MLB’s fourth-tier package?

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