The baseball season is a long one, and oftentimes broadcasters are forced to fill in plenty of hours of content with nothing but their own wits. Depending on the circumstances, that can be either painful for the viewer or listener, or it can be wonderful if it’s weird enough.

Let’s head to Cincinnati, where longtime Reds broadcaster Thom Brennaman came back from commercial in the seventh inning with a special guest in the broadcast booth:

Frankly it’s some of Brennaman’s best work, as he conducts an impromptu Q&A with what appears to be a mourning dove. Someone pipes in the bird’s supposed dialogue, as well, and that’s fine, but frankly the spectacle would have been more entertaining had Brennaman just interviewed the bird to silence, having a one-sided conversation.

But hey, maybe that’s expecting a bit too much out of my absurdist baseball humor, especially as we’re only in May.

The Reds lost to the Rockies, 6-4.

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