The Colorado Rockies are in Philadelphia this week to take on the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park. On Tuesday, the team tweeted out a picture of Citizens Bank Park, calling it Coors Field.

This is a pretty clear jab at the Denver Post, which slapped a giant picture of Citizens Bank Park on a feature story about “the ultimate visitors guide to Coors Field” in April.

The Phillies were amused.

As were the Reds.

And the Denver Nuggets.

But one person who was *not* amused was Sara Grant, the editor of the Denver Post’s “The Know” entertainment section. In fact, not only could Grant not take a joke, she was APPALLED at the Rockies daring to have some fun on social media two months into the long grind of a baseball season.

The Rockies responded, though they didn’t apologize or really back down from their tweet that set Grant off.

It’s Twitter. Lighten up. There are things worth actually getting upset about on social media. This isn’t one of them.

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