You never know what you’ll see on a New York Mets broadcast.

On April 7 when the team was facing the Cincinnati Reds at Great American Ball Park, SNY field reporter Steve Gelbs showed that the food options for those in the production truck were limited to a vending machine with some pretty gross options.

Gelbs even made sure to try some of the options, including a chicken and rice burrito that he clearly found to be revolting.

On Sunday, Gelbs gave viewers an important update on the vending machine’s future according to his friends in Cincinnati.

“This job is about making a difference. Affecting change in the world,” Gelbs said. “Remember our story a couple of weeks ago in Cincinnati about the vending machine? If you even want to call it a vending machine. There was some slop coming out of that vending machine, if you will.

“But, I’ve been told by my sources in Cincinnati that after our report, that vending machine is no more. A brand new vending machine is in its place with better selections for the people that work there. So, people of Cincinnati, you’re welcome,” Gelbs continued.

It’s nice to see a small piece of positive change in the world. Gelbs should feel proud of his efforts, and the people of Cincinnati will be sure to think of him whenever they grab a snack from the new machine.