Paul Goldschmidt hits a home run

Tony Romo gets all the fame, recognition, and money for calling plays before they happen, but St. Louis Cardinals broadcaster Dan McLaughlin deserves some credit for speaking a home run into existence Tuesday night.

With All-Star first baseman Paul Goldschmidt at bat for the Cardinals in the fifth inning, McLaughlin seemed intent on offering one of the season’s best home run calls.

“The 3-1 pitch to Goldy, how bout home run number 25,” McLaughlin said as Chicago Cubs pitcher Keegan Thompson began his windup. And then it happened.

“How bout HOME RUN NUMBER 25!” McLaughlin repeated enthusiastically as Goldschmidt crushed the pitch and sent the ball sailing over the wall.

“See that baby coming!” McLaughlin added to give himself a well-deserved pat on the back.

“Pretty good call right there,” said analyst Brad Thompson. “Nice work.”

Pretty good was an understatement. McLaughlin had that home run called perfectly. And while Goldschmidt is a great power hitter, it’s not like Aaron Judge was at the plate where you can essentially guess a home run is coming during every at bat.

For all the awful announcing we highlight or the failed home run calls that see a play-by-play voice get hyped for a ball that doesn’t even make it to the warning track, McLaughlin deserves some credit. The Cardinals broadcaster didn’t just call Goldschmidt’s solo shot perfectly, he didn’t just get a prediction right the way Romo does in football, McLaughlin manifested this one into existence.

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