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Squirrels and baseball games have had a long and rich history with one another. MLB fans may remember, fondly or not, the Rally Squirrel that “played a key role” for the St. Louis Cardinals as they made their way to a World Series Championship in 2011. The squirrel that made its way through Yankee Stadium during the Yankees game might not lead to similar voodoo. But it did invoke some hilarious reactions from fans as it raced by along the outfield wall.

During the game, a squirrel swept some fans under its feet as they were immediately drawn to it, sprinting along the wall. The squirrel raced by several Yankee fans with their mouths agape. Some were startled and jerked back toward their seat. Several of them just tried to avoid the squirrel as they kept their hands and arms away.

Although one fan, who commentators Michael Kay and Paul O’Neill noticed, hung in under duress and hardly flinched.

“Don’t pick up your phones, you’re scared of a squirrel!?!” O’Neill incredulously asked. “This guy’s not though! That guy’s not scared!” Kay remarked as another fan, whose eyes didn’t widen, was captured in the replay. The squirrel then took off flying, becoming a “flying squirrel!” He floated down and Kay watched on, saying, “This is not good!”

“He sticks the landing much better than we would, I’ll tell you that!” O’Neill noted. And hey, he’s probably got a point!

(Funny enough, speaking of the Rally Squirrel: The Yankees walked off the Orioles thanks to Anthony Volpe, so maybe the squirrel did play a role after all).

[YES Network]

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