World Series champions stopping by Saturday Night Live after winning a championship is becoming something of a tradition. Last year, a trio of Chicago Cubs — Anthony Rizzo, Dexter Fowler and David Ross — appeared on Weekend Update to sing with Bill Murray and performed in a sketch.

This year, it was the Houston Astros’ turn to make a victory visit to Studio 8H, one day after celebrating their World Series title with approximately one million fans in a parade through downtown Houston.

The surprise appearance came during Weekend Update and a segment during which cast member Leslie Jones was professing her newfound love of baseball and the New York Yankees — or more specifically, the assets of catcher Gary Sanchez and Didi Gregorius in tight pinstriped pants. Naturally, anchor Colin Jost had to point out that the Yankees lost to the Astros in the American League Championship Series.

That led to Jones expressing her disappointment and insulting several Astros players. Of Jose Altuve, she said, “The bat is bigger than him!” Then she poked fun at George Springer, saying his name sounded like “a goofy mattress salesman” despite being Panamaian and Puerto Rican. That prompted the World Series MVP to walk onto the Update set, along with teammates Altuve and Alex Bregman.

The Astros trio came bearing gifts for “diehard” Yankees fan Jones, including a team jersey, hat and signed baseball. She could “jump on the bandwagon too,” cracked Bregman. Jost was about to point out that Jones was insulting the Astros when she yelled at him to shut up. “I take it all back,” she cooed.

Jones then asked Altuve to sit on her lap, surely becoming the envy of nearly every Astros fan. “This is not something I usually say — at all — but good things do come in small packages,” she said. If Altuve wins the American League MVP award, as expected, maybe he can come back to the show to celebrate that victory with Jones too.

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