Short and to the Point: Vanessa Richardson

Houston Astros television host Vanessa Richardson joined The Comeback’s Jessica Kleinschmidt this week on Short and to the Point. The two recalled a moment earlier this season that ended with Richardson getting hammered by torrential rain on TV.

Amid a massive rainstorm that rolled through Houston, Texas, Richardson still had to fulfill her duties at the broadcast desk. While she tried to weather the storm, literally, torrential rain mowed its way through a slit in the roof and wound up drenching Richardson. Still, she triumphed on.

Richardson discussed this surreal moment on the show with Kleinschmidt.

“You have to remember in those moments that people can see what’s going on. The doors were opening, the wind and the rain was blowing towards us,” Richardson said. “People can see it, so that’s why I just acknowledged it. It’s raining, and we are drenched.”

Richardson also discussed the responsibility that comes with running pregame and postgame shows. You have to sell ads and play to your sponsors and the sales team. Richardson said that she had to navigate through that and that the sales team left her a note saying that they got through all their sales, and thanked Richardson for her work.

“Until you have the couple of years in live TV and live broadcasting, handling those moments is scary at the time … but it felt good that people said I handled it well,” Richardson said. She said that she knows sports aren’t a serious enterprise, so it’s worth just “having fun” with it.

Kleinsschmidt alluded to a “competitive nature” existing in the industry. Even though Richardson’s situation was unique, it could have been something else in literally weathering a storm. So there’s still some pride on the line, and Richardson acknowledged that.

“I like that you used the word competitive because all of us in this industry are fans. That’s how we start out. So I do think we all have a competitive element,” Richardson said. “It’s funny you mention that because I think there was in the back of my mind, ‘This storm is not gonna beat me. I’m gonna beat Mother Nature. I’m still gonna put on a good show, I’m still gonna get the sponsored elements in, and we’re gonna roll with it.’ Yeah, maybe there’s a competitor in me.”

Richardson joked that the mantra should always be “always protect the money” and said that it was another thing to add to her expanding resume.

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