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Last October, Alex Rodriguez and Pete Rose teamed up to headline one of the most entertaining sports studio shows we’ve ever seen.

The recurring gag on the FOX postseason show was Pete Ross insulting A-Rod and A-Rod feebly responding (sometimes this was reversed), then everyone cracking up. Now A-Rod has signed on as a fulltime analyst at FOX, and Rose is sticking around as well, meaning the schtick isn’t going anywhere.

Already, Rose has clowned Rodriguez about his rumored relationship with Jennifer Lopez, which prompted something resembling exasperation from A-Rod.

But according to Newsday, Rodriguez won’t soon get fed up with Rose’s jab.

Rodriguez said the next day that he neither was surprised nor upset by [the J-Lo references]. On the contrary, he chalked it up to what has worked about Fox’s quirky foursome of A-Rod, Rose, Frank Thomas and Kevin Burkhardt.

“The greatest thing about the show is it’s exactly what they would do in the green room before and after our shows,” Rodriguez said. “Really, nothing changes. We’ll say anything on the air and it’s very natural, especially coming from Pete.

“That’s what makes it great television. So, no, I was not surprised . . . I never get mad at Pete. I love him.”

Maybe A-Rod is telling the truth and the jab about J-Lo truly didn’t bother him, but it’s much more fun to imagine Rodriguez quietly seething while repeating to himself, Must be likable, must be likable.

A-Rod’s post-baseball career has been pretty eventful so far. He starred on FOX, created a company that definitely does something, issued a mea culpa for his PED-related misbehavior and on Tuesday was responsible for a new meme.

There are a lot of different interpretations of this photo, but to us, it looks like A-Rod is straining so hard to try to not get mad at Pete Rose.

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