A drone interrupting a Rays-Yankees game.

After a Pittsburgh Pirates-Minnesota Twins game in August wound up in a “drone delay” thanks to someone flying an unauthorized drone around Minnesota’s Target Field, the pattern repeated Wednesday night at Yankee Stadium during a Tampa Bay Rays-New York Yankees game. Here’s how that looked on the YES broadcast:

The notable part there comes around 0:28, where play-by-play voice Michael Kay cuts off a story from analyst Paul O’Neill about being beaned during his playing career (relevant to the current Yankees-Rays tensions) to describe what’s happening on the field:

“Wait, wait, wait, one second. The second-base ump just pointed at something and now the Rays are leaving the field. They seem to be saying ‘You can go in the clubhouse if you want.’ I’m not quite sure why they’re taking them off the field. Let’s see if we can hear it. They are pointing up at the sky. We have a little bit of an overhang here, but I guess there’s a drone over the stadium. There it is. They’re taking the teams off the field while the drone is up there. Boy, 2020, huh?

As per Kristie Ackert of The New York Daily News, this particular delay only lasted about five minutes. But it’s interesting to see yet another drone delay pop up in MLB in 2020.

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