It’s about that time once again…rate the local MLB announcers!

This is the fourth time in five years we’re doing these rankings, and unlike in prior years, we’re dumping all of the polls into one giant post.

There isn’t a grading criteria here aside from “enjoyability” – if you like a crew for whatever reason, give them a good grade. If you don’t like a team for whatever reason, give them a bad grade. If you like the analyst but don’t like the play by play broadcaster (or vice versa), weigh your grade properly. You’re grading the broadcast team as a whole, not each announcer separately.

As usual, there will be two entries for the White Sox (for the final time), home and road, thanks to the uh…differing opinions about their two primary play by play broadcasters.

Polls will be open through 10 PM ET on Friday, July 27th. That’s right – more time than ever before this year.

If I left a broadcaster out, please complain to me on Twitter. I was using the teams’ websites as a reference (with Wikipedia as a secondary check), and some teams haven’t bothered updating their broadcasters section for years.

Past results: 2014, 2016, 2017

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National League

Arizona Diamondbacks
-Steve Berthiaume (play by play)
-Bob Brenly (analyst)
-Luis Gonzalez (analyst)

Atlanta Braves
-Chip Caray (play by play)
-Joe Simpson (analyst)
-Jeff Francoeur (analyst)
-Tom Glavine (analyst)

Chicago Cubs
-Len Kasper (play by play)
-Jim Deshaies (analyst)

Cincinnati Reds
-Thom Brennaman (play by play)
-Jeff Brantley (analyst)
-Chris Welsh (analyst)

Colorado Rockies
-Drew Goodman (play by play)
-Jeff Huson (analyst)
-Ryan Spilborghs (analyst)

Los Angeles Dodgers
-Joe Davis (play by play)
-Nomar Garciaparra (analyst)
-Orel Hershiser (analyst)

Miami Marlins
-Paul Severino (play by play)
-Craig Minervini (play by play)
-Todd Hollandsworth (analyst)

Milwaukee Brewers
-Brian Anderson (play by play)
-Matt Lepay (play by play)
-Bill Schroeder (analyst)

New York Mets
-Gary Cohen (play by play)
-Ron Darling (analyst)
-Keith Hernandez (analyst)

Philadelphia Phillies
-Tom McCarthy (play by play)
-Ben Davis (analyst)
-John Kruk (analyst)
-Mike Schmidt (analyst)

Pittsburgh Pirates
-Greg Brown (play by play)
-Joe Block (play by play)
-Steve Blass (analyst)
-Bob Walk (analyst)
-John Wehner (analyst)

St. Louis Cardinals
-Dan McLaughlin (play by play)
-Al Hrabosky (analyst)
-Jim Edmonds (analyst)
-Rick Horton (analyst)
-Tim McCarver (analyst)

San Diego Padres
-Don Orsillo (play by play)
-Mark Grant (analyst)
-Tony Gwynn Jr (analyst)
-Mark Sweeney (analyst)

San Francisco Giants
-Duane Kuiper (play by play)
-Dave Flemming (play by play)
-Jon Miller (play by play)
-Mike Krukow (analyst)
-Jeremy Affeldt (analyst)
-Javier Lopez (analyst)

Washington Nationals
-Bob Carpenter (play by play)
-FP Santangelo (analyst)

American League

Baltimore Orioles
-Gary Thorne (play by play)
-Jim Hunter (play by play)
-Jim Palmer (analyst)
-Mike Bordick (analyst)

Boston Red Sox
-Dave O’Brien (play by play)
-Jerry Remy (analyst)
-Dennis Eckersley (analyst)
-Steve Lyons (analyst)

Chicago White Sox (home)
-Jason Benetti (play by play)
-Steve Stone (analyst)

Chicago White Sox (road)
-Hawk Harrelson (play by play)
-Steve Stone (analyst)

Cleveland Indians
-Matt Underwood (play by play)
-Rick Manning (analyst)

Detroit Tigers
-Mario Impemba (play by play)
-Rod Allen (analyst)
-Kirk Gibson (analyst)

Houston Astros
-Todd Kalas (play by play)
-Geoff Blum (analyst)

Kansas City Royals
-Ryan Lefebvre (play by play)
-Steve Physioc (play by play)
-Rex Hudler (analyst)
-Jeff Montgomery (analyst)

Los Angeles Angels
-Victor Rojas (play by play)
-Mark Gubicza (analyst)
-Jose Mota (analyst)

Minnesota Twins
-Dick Bremer (play by play)
-Bert Blyleven (analyst)
-Jack Morris (analyst)
-Roy Smalley (analyst)

New York Yankees
-Michael Kay (play by play)
-Bob Lorenz (play by play)
-Ryan Ruocco (play by play)
-Ken Singleton (analyst)
-David Cone (analyst)
-John Flaherty (analyst)
-Al Leiter (analyst)
-Paul O’Neill (analyst)

Oakland Athletics
-Glen Kuiper (play by play)
-Ray Fosse (analyst)
-Dallas Braden (analyst)

Seattle Mariners
-Dave Sims (play by play)
-Aaron Goldsmith (play by play)
-Mike Blowers (analyst)
-Jay Buhner (analyst)
-Dan Wilson (analyst)

Tampa Bay Rays
-Dewayne Staats (play by play)
-Brian Anderson (analyst)

Texas Rangers
-Dave Raymond (play by play)
-Tom Grieve (analyst)
-CJ Nitkowski (analyst)

Toronto Blue Jays
-Buck Martinez (play by play)
-Dan Shulman (play by play)
-Pat Tabler (analyst)

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