Joe Biden hosts the Atlanta Braves

The 2021 World Series champion Atlanta Braves were hosted at the White House Monday morning and just as he did with Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last year, President Joe Biden came prepared with several jokes.

After praising the Braves for winning their first title since 1995, Biden compared their improbable run to the 2021 World Series to his early standing in the Democratic primaries ahead of the 2020 Presidential Election.

“It was a rough start,” Biden said of the Braves’ 2021 season. “Plagued by injuries. At the All-Star break, not one day of a winning record. Given a 0.4% chance of winning on CNN. No, I’m only joking, I listen to all the percentages at CNN, my batting average isn’t nearly as good.”

Although CNN certainly isn’t known for being Biden’s harshest critic, the president appeared to be referring to the low chances he was given of being the Democratic nominee early on in his presidential campaign and his big election night win in Georgia. “All the percentages” would also seemingly include Biden’s low, albeit recently surging, approval rating.

But the best part of Biden’s joke for the Atlanta Braves may have been the decision to cite 0.4%. Credit Biden’s team of writers for a subtle reference to the Atlanta Falcons failing to shut the door on Tom Brady and his New England Patriots’ 0.4% chance of coming back to win Super Bowl LI. Unlike their Atlanta counterpart, the Braves were able to defy the odds and CNN to bring a championship back to their city.

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