A questionable check swing call on Bryce Harper by Angel Hernandez Photo Credit: NBC Sports Philadelphia.

MLB umpire Angel Hernandez has been widely criticized for years by players and fans alike for a number of questionable calls. And after Phillies star Bryce Harper was ejected from Thursday’s game by Hernandez after a questionable check-swing call, the Phillies broadcast team publicly ripped him on-air.

The play in question happened in the bottom of the third inning, where Harper was facing off against Pirates pitcher Luis Ortiz.

Harper checked his swing on a 3-2 pitch from Ortiz that was way below the zone. It looked like Harper should have gotten the free pass to first base, but Hernandez, the third-base umpire for the game, instead said that Harper went around on his swing.

Harper clearly also thought that he had earned the walk, beginning to take off his shin guards and preparing to jog over to first base. When he realized that Hernandez had called him out, he quickly took off his helmet and began to angrily walk over to Hernandez.

The former two-time MVP was incensed by Hernandez’s call, shouting some choice words at him. This quickly led to Hernandez ejecting Harper from the game.

Phillies play-by-play announcer Tom McCarthy saw Harper’s ejection coming as soon as he began to walk toward Hernandez.

“Uh oh,” said McCarthy. “He’s gonna be out of this game if he keeps this up.”

Of course, Harper was indeed ejected. But after watching the replay of the call, McCarthy quickly realized why Harper was so upset.

“Oh my goodness,” said McCarthy. “Goodness gracious! That is just terrible!”

You be the judge, but it seems very clear that Harper was nowhere close to going around on the check swing.

It is far from the only time this season alone that a broadcast has voiced their opinion about Hernandez and his questionable calls. Washington Nationals color commentator Kevin Frandsen called out Hernandez on-air earlier this year.

And perhaps even worse, both the New York Yankees and the Houston Astros broadcasts equally ripped Hernandez in a game that they were facing off in just last month.

This call will only add to the growing list of questionable calls in Hernandez’s resume over the years…

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