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As far as odd couples go, Alex Rodriguez and Pete Rose are first-ballot hall of famers. When they have microphones in front of them they are completely electric. Rose doesn’t know when to keep quiet, and A-Rod knows when to get in a quick shot at the all-time hits leader.

Rose may be a bit of a blowhard, but it works well on FS1. Heck, the point of a pre-game show is to eat up time and make it as entertaining as possible. Rose may have crossed an unwritten line though when he suggested that Rodriguez was inspired by Derek Jeter.

Act I:

Act II:

While the video is great, these still frames of Rodriguez trying not to scream are complete gold.

A-Rod, for as robotic as he was at times with the media, is dynamic on television. He somehow managed to volley away this awkward softball from Rose and re-direct the conversation to Ken Griffey Jr. The on-set vibe screamed awkwardness, and it was picked up by many watching. Take a look at the tweet FS1 displayed on the screen later in the segment.

The poetic timing of the tweet on screen and the face A-Rod has is like watching a symphony in action—simply gorgeous. FS1 may be having trouble with their “embrace debate” shows gaining some steam, but if they toss Rose and Rodriguez into a room and let them talk about anything, we will be a much better society for it.

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