Dylan Bundy picking his nose

Minnesota Twins pitcher Dylan Bundy threw five innings against the San Diego Padres on Sunday, but his best effort of the afternoon may have occurred in the dugout.

During the sixth inning, Bally Sports San Diego cameras panned to Bundy who was sitting on the bench with his finger up his nose. Like, way up his nose. And once he was finished with one finger, he switched to his other hand and went back up the nose. With both hands now contaminated by boogers, hopefully Bundy wasn’t passing out high fives the rest of the game.

While the scene was kind of nauseating, if any broadcast is going to highlight a person picking their nose, baseball fans would probably vote to hear Bally Sports San Diego’s entertaining tandem of Don Orsillo and Mark Grant on the call.

“Oh yeah, get in there!” Grant said, cheering Bundy on as Orsillo laughed in the background. “OOH YEAH! Couple knuckles! Yeah, there ya go, GET IT!”

“50 bucks says the kid’s gonna eat it,” Grant added.

On cue, Twins infielder Jose Miranda hit his tenth home run of the season, forcing Orsillo and Grant back to providing commentary on the game. We never found out whether Grant won the $50 bet.

When cameras catch players doing something weird or gross, Orsillo and Grant are the right ones to have in the booth. Usually I put SNY’s Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling in that category as well, but it still bothers me that they let obvious flatulence go without comment earlier this season.

No chance Orsillo and Grant would have glossed over that.

[Bally Sports San Diego]

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