Enough of this new media vs old media pettiness on Twitter and podcasts. Former Major League Baseball shortstop and manager Ozzie Guillén says let’s box.

This story stems from Guillén, who is now an analyst on NBC Sports Chicago, calling White Sox manager Tony La RussaRick Renteria with credentials” during a recent postgame show. The Chicago White Sox have massively underachieved this season, led by La Russa, who has been routinely criticized for making head-scratching decisions.

Following Guillén’s criticism of La Russa and his uncalled for shot at Renteria, Jon Heyman of The New York Post and MLB Network tweeted that the NBC Sports Chicago analyst might be trying to get his old job back. Guillén managed the White Sox from 2004-2011, winning a World Series during his second season with the club. The comment by Heyman seemed to have irked Guillén, because he responded on Twitter by challenging the baseball insider to a charity boxing match.

According to Guillén, it wasn’t just about the allegation that he wants La Russa’s job. The former manager feels Heyman has been overly critical of him throughout the years. But as they went back and forth on Twitter, Guillén also called into Chicago’s 670 The Score to rant about Heyman and reaffirm his desire to engage in the ring.

“When somebody calls me up and says, ‘I talk about Tony La Russa because I want to have a manager’s job,’ it’s wrong,” Guillen told 670 The Score hosts Dan Bernstein, Laurence Holmes and Leila Rahimi. “I’m not. I have a great job. I’m having fun with the job. I will be the last person to talk about Tony La Russa in the wrong way. Tony is my mentor. Tony is my hero. Tony is the guy I look toward every day of my life when I was managing.”

“If this thing is personal, I don’t know why, that’s easy. Let’s do a match, a boxing match,” Guillén continued on 670 The Score, later suggesting charities they could raise money for with the match. “I did it to one guy a few years ago. I did it to Jay Mariotti. If this thing is personal, that’s easy, we can definitely take care of that.”

That’s the second person that was dragged into this spat unexpectedly. First, Rick Renteria, who was sitting at home minding his business before everyone deemed it an insult that Tony LaRusso would be compared to him. And now, Jay Mariotti. Guillén and Mariotti had an infamously rocky relationship while the former was with the White Sox and the latter was writing for The Chicago Sun-Times, but I could not find any instance where one challenged the other to a charity boxing match.

Between Guillén vs La Russa, Guillén vs Renteria, Guillén vs Mariotti, Guillén vs Heyman, all the tweets and quotes from 670 The Score, there’s A LOT to unpack here. But one thing is clear: there will be no charity boxing match.

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