Orioles play-by-play broadcaster Kevin Brown performing a blink-192 song to Orioles fans. Photo Credit: Baltimore Orioles on X

Saturday’s game between the Baltimore Orioles and the Seattle Mariners featured a lengthy delay that pushed back the time of the first pitch nearly three hours from its original start time, which is obviously never ideal for fans. But luckily, Orioles fans were gifted a street via the team’s social media account involving Orioles play-by-play broadcaster Kevin Brown that garnered some laughs.

Brown, who is perhaps best known to the national baseball audience for his unexpected removal from MASN Networks last year after offering some critical comments about the team, is also an avid fan of the popular pop-punk band blink-182.

Some may remember Brown teaching fellow MASN personality Ben McDonald about blink-182 during the broadcast of a game last year between the Orioles and the San Diego Padres, even singing the band’s hit song ‘All the Small Things’ live on air.

Brown may have experience singing blink-182 songs before. But on Saturday, he actually performed the hit song he had sung just under a year ago on a stage seemingly outside of the Orioles stadium.

It’s safe to say from this video that Brown likely won’t quit his day job any time soon to join a blink-182 cover band anytime soon… But regardless of his actual singing talents, many baseball fans appreciated the Orioles for sharing this different side to Brown’s personality on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Considering there was plenty of time to kill in this rain delay, this bit of entertaining content was a great bit of publicity for both the Orioles and Brown.

[Baltimore Orioles on X]

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