Orioles clinch AL East with a victory over the Red Sox. Photo Credit: MASN

The Baltimore Orioles have long been the forgotten member of the American League East, often being overlooked by the likes of the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox over the years. But the 2023 season was the year of the Orioles, and they capped off their excellent year by clinching the AL East on Thursday night. And fittingly, Orioles broadcaster Kevin Brown was on the call for the emotional moment.

Brown had his fair share of controversy surrounding him this year, albeit the controversy wasn’t exactly due to anything that he did.

The Orioles TV play-by-play voice was notably removed from the broadcast booth back in July after stating a fact about the Orioles’ history against the Tampa Bay Rays. Following the incident, many fellow media members and fans spoke out against the Orioles for making this decision.

He returned to the booth in August, but there is no doubt that this was a dark moment for both Brown in his career, and for the Orioles organization.

Luckily, the incident is behind him, and Brown was able to play a big part in one of the best moments in recent memory. He was on call for Thursday’s game against the Red Sox, a game that ended up clinching the AL East for the team.

Brown issued a message on-air to Orioles fans before the final out of the game was made, stating that this achievement was for the loyal fans of the team.

“We’ve talked about all the folks that made this possible. This belongs just as much to all of you,” Brown said to the Orioles faithful watching at home. “Who have watched, Who have listened, who have come to the ballpark all these years.  This organization has preached patience. We have preached patience. You call tuned in night after night for a moment like this.

Red Sox second baseman Trevor Story then grounded out for the final out of the game. And Brown and Orioles fans watching across the country were finally able to celebrate their moment.

“The 1-1 to Story is grounded to third. Ramon Urias from third. The Orioles have done it! Go crazy, Baltimore. You are the champions of the American League East.”

Considering all Brown has been through this year, being able to celebrate an achievement like this with the fans who supported him certainly has to be an awesome moment. And fans will likely never forget his call of the play that brought them their first AL East championship since 2014.

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