Noah Syndergaard is doing what has to feel good to do as an MLB player: leave the Mets.

Syndergaard took a one-year offer from the Angels yesterday that beat the Mets qualifying offer by a few million. That ends his time in New York, where he’s spent his entire professional career. It also means that it’s time for the more predictable members of New York media to start trashing him on his way out.

Like, say, Mike Francesa! Here he was yesterday, taking a shot at Syndergaard’s health, which is always a fun and classy thing to do if you’re in sports media.

Hey, good one.

In a move that doesn’t happen nearly often enough, Syndergaard responded appropriately:

He didn’t stop there yesterday, either:

Today, Francesa climbed back on the tweeting horse, at 6 AM no less.

Unfortunately for Mike, Syndergaard was still paying attention.

Syndergaard continued the (warranted) trolling by retweeting this video about his new teammate, Shohei Ohtani, that brings back a brutal Francesa take from spring training 2018.

This is excellent athlete-media Twitter usage. It can go wrong very easily! Just yesterday, Draymond Green completely whiffed on Stan Van Gundy’s tweet here, for example:

Obviously Van Gundy was agreeing with Draymond, though that agreement was misinterpreted:

We’ll have to see if Francesa decides to let this one go or if he tries one more time before the weekend is out.

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