Sunday Night Baseball scheduling has often seen some complaints from teams and players, and the latest is the New York Mets’ Noah Syndergaard. On his Instagram stories Saturday, Syndergaard (seen above working out ahead of a July 30 game) lit up MLB and ESPN over the Mets’ home game Sunday against the Los Angeles Dodgers being a night game, with the team set to travel to San Francisco Monday morning and play there against the Giants Monday evening. A screencap of that post can be seen below:

Noah Syndergaard's Instagram post.


This game was selected for Sunday Night Baseball at the end of July, part of the second-half flex picks ESPN has. Their games through July 18 were announced in December, but most games after that are only announced two weeks ahead of the date. And it makes a lot of sense as a game to feature, with the Dodgers 70-46 and second (five games back of the Giants)  in the NL West and the Mets 59-56 (a half-game back of the Atlanta Braves and Philadelphia Phillies) ahead of Saturday night’s Dodgers-Mets game. But it is somewhat understandable why Syndergaard is upset about the scheduling here; he’s currently injured, but this is an unfortunate setup for his team and his teammates.

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