F.P. Santangelo got into it with mattress company Temper-Pedic Wednesday.

The Washington Nationals’ World Series title has led to some unexpected things, and we can now add Nationals’ television analyst F.P. Santangelo’s exchange with mattress company Tempur-Pedic into that mix. On Wednesday morning, Santangelo (who’s called Nationals’ games on MASN since 2011) sent this tweet:


The company responded by asking for 245,000 retweets in honor of Santangelo’s .245 career batting average in MLB (he played for the Expos, Giants, Dodgers and A’s from 1995-2001), and he didn’t seem to appreciate that:



As Ron Burgundy would say:

That escalated quickly.

Santangelo also claimed it was all a joke, though:

Well, it’s not a very good joke, but perhaps that’s to be expected from an analyst who regularly finishes near the bottom of our readers’ MLB local announcer rankings. Santangelo and play-by-play voice Bob Carpenter placed fourth-last, second-last, second-last, second-last, and dead last in those rankings in 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 respectively.

But sure, if Santangelo wants to make what looks like a request for a free mattress and claim it’s because “we’re World Champs,” (yeah, the contributions of the local color commentator were really crucial there!), then get annoyed by the amount of RTs requested and claim that he was only joking and that Temper-Pedic “lost a whole lot of customers today,” more power to him. Perhaps he should change that Twitter handle to “FightinMattressCompanies,” though.

[F.P. Santangelo on Twitter]

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