Asdrúbal Cabrera talking with media ahead of his first game back at Nationals Park. (@Bobby_Blanco on Twitter.)

There have been some bad MLB scoreboard errors over the years, including player name mispellings at the 2019 All-Star Game. The latest case of a scoreboard getting it very wrong came with Asdrúbal Cabrera’s return to Nationals Park Thursday as a member of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Cabrera played for the Washington Nationals in 2014 and then again in the last months of 2019, helping lead them to a World Series victory and starting at second base for them in Game 7. He played for the Nationals again in 2020, then signed with Arizona this February, so Thursday marked quite the notable homecoming for him, and the Nationals even put together a tribute video for him. But a scoreboard error that managed to mispell both his first and last names didn’t exactly help make him feel welcomed back:

Amazingly, this came in the top half of the first inning, not long after the Nationals played the pre-game tribute video, and after fans gave Cabrera a standing ovation:

So that’s quite a swing and miss by the scoreboard on spelling his name wrong quite quickly after that. At least it was only for his first at-bat. But still, that’s an unfortunate mistake to make, especially after Cabrera was so positive about his time playing for them in pre-game interviews.

The mistake didn’t stop Cabrera from dancing with his new teammates following an 11-6 win, though:

[Christopher Crawford on Twitter; photo via Bobby Blanco on Twitter]

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