On Monday, MLB Network announced the network would be taking viewers behind the cameras on MLB Tonight Tuesday.

The behind the scenes edition of MLB Tonight airs from 6 PM through 8 PM on Tuesday. The first hour will air on MLB Network and all of MLB Network’s digital platforms, while the second hour will be digital-exclusive as the traditional MLB Tonight broadcast begins on MLB Network at 7 PM.

“Viewers have a natural curiosity about what goes into creating a live MLB Tonight,” said Josh Bernstein, MLB Network Vice President of Production. “We want to peel back the curtain and show a rarely seen look at the preparation and teamwork it takes from everyone on the MLB Tonight staff. Our fans always just see the finished product of a studio demonstration or highlight breakdown, so we’re excited to show frenetic process and behind-the-scenes machinations in producing this entertaining and informative show.”

Here’s a trailer for the behind the scenes edition.

Greg Amsinger, Scott Braun, Siera Santos, Cliff Floyd, Dan Plesac and Harold Reynolds will be featured during the broadcast.

Viewers don’t often get to go behind the scenes of a live show, and I think this will be an interesting experience for those tuning in. Additionally, there are a handful of games that start before 7 PM, so the first hour of the behind the scenes broadcast won’t all just be pregame prep and chatter. Getting to see what happens during the whiparound to live games and highlights is what will make this interesting.

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