While it hasn’t been officially announced yet by Warner Bros. Discovery, MLB.com has revealed the first half of the TBS Tuesday night schedule for the 2023 season.

Here it is, featuring a doubleheader on June 20th and two games (including the second half of that doubleheader) airing outside the standard 7ish PM ET timeslot.

  • April 4: Phillies at Yankees, 7 PM
  • April 11: Padres at Mets, 7 PM
  • April 18:  Mets at Dodgers, 10 PM
  • May 2: Blue Jays at Red Sox, 7 PM
  • May 9: Red Sox at Braves, 7:20 PM
  • May 16: Cubs at Astros TBA
  • May 23: Dodgers at Braves, 7:20 PM
  • May 30: Phillies at Mets, 7 PM
  • June 6: Mets at Braves, 7:20 PM
  • June 13: Yankees at Mets, 7 PM
  • June 20: Braves at Phillies 6:30 PM/Dodgers at Angels 10 PM
  • June 27: Astros at Cardinals, 7:45 PM

That’s a whole lot of Eastern division teams! Of the 13 games, ten feature at least one team from the NL East or AL East, and seven of those ten are East vs East matchups (though some of those are interleague). The World Champion Houston Astros are in two of the non-East games, hosting the Cubs in one and traveling to St. Louis in the other. The final game is a Dodgers-Angels Freeway Series matchup that serves as the second half of the doubleheader.

ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball schedule for the first half, partly revealed last month and fleshed out more this week, is also east coast heavy. Of the 11 first half games announced, nine feature a team from either Eastern division (Rangers-Astros and Dodgers-Padres are the outliers), but just two are East vs East.

Selections for Apple TV+, Fox, Peacock, and YouTube have yet to be announced or leaked. However, we’ve been informed (and there are plenty of rumblings online) that Fox is going heavy with Saturday games on its broadcast network, with windows from May through the rest of the season in primetime.

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