People in sports media don’t have much of a reputation of being the most athletic but one person worked hard to change that perception for one day at least. reporter Zachary Silver was covering the Baltimore Orioles as they faced the Boston Red Sox at Camden Yards. Early in the game, a Eduardo Núñez foul ball headed for the press box where Silver made the catch while catching a bite to eat and working. He even had the pleasure of Gary Thorne providing play-by-play as the ball fell right below Thorne’s position in the booth.

That’s one way to catch a foul ball. Many will note the thrill of catching the ball, regardless of circumstance, but I also see someone who wants to make sure the ball doesn’t hit his computer. From personal experience, I once had my own scare when I covered a soccer tournament where a deflected ball came close to destroying my computer. Silver didn’t seem to want to take that chance.


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