The best catch in Tuesday’s game between the Milwaukee Brewers and Cincinnati Reds may have been a carp.

With the Reds sitting at 6-24 on the season, Cincinnati hasn’t exactly been a breeding ground for baseball highlights this year. And the putrid Reds had the gall to play a baseball game while someone was fishing. Thankfully, Milwaukee’s broadcasters did their best to narrate both simultaneously.

During the top of the second inning, Bally Sports Wisconsin panned to a person fishing outside of Cincinnati’s Great American Ballpark, and the local fisherman reeled in the attention of Brewers announcers Jeff Levering and Bill Schroeder. The broadcast checked in on the fisherman at least six times during the second inning.

“Folks that is a live shot, that is not recorded, that is live. That gentleman is pulling in a good haul,” Levering said as he marveled at the size of what Schroeder believed was a carp.

Great American Ball Park sits on the Ohio River, but the fisherman seemed to be camped out under an overpass. Presumably, a spot near the Ohio River Scenic Byway or Taylor Southgate Bridge? But I’m not from Ohio, nor am I a fisherman.

“Steam ‘em, boil ‘em, stew ‘em,” Schroeder suggested. But both announcers agreed the fisherman made the right decision when he implemented the catch and release rule, throwing the fish back into whatever body of water he was standing near.

A rare highlight from a 2022 Reds game, but maybe not the look Major League Baseball wants to portray as the sport attempts to attract a younger audience. This baseball game is boring, so here’s a look at a more exciting sport. Fishing.

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