Mike Clevinger White Sox pitcher Mike Clevinger blasted 670 The Score in Chicago for an interview they did with a woman accusing him of domestic violence.

Mike Clevinger, the Chicago White Sox pitcher being accused of some horrific charges, including domestic violence towards the mother of his child and child abuse, is taking aim at a radio show in Chicago. He is threatening potential litigation for what he called “lowlife material.”

The “lowlife material” in question came from the Parkins & Spiegel show on 670 The Score in Chicago. Olivia Finestead, Clevinger’s accuser with whom he shares a 10-month-old baby, was a guest.

Clevinger, who has denied the charges against him, blasted the interview.

‘‘It’s the world we’re living in,’’ he said, per Steve Greenberg of the Chicago Sun-Times. ‘‘Everyone wants the clicks. It doesn’t matter what the real truth is. Everyone will stop and look at the car crash, but no one’s going to stop and smell the flowers. That’s how the world is. But that was really trashy of them. That was some lowlife material right there.’’

“My lawyers are paying attention,’’ Clevinger added. ‘‘My lawyers are getting in contact with them, and they probably already sent a cease-and-desist for defamation. So [The Score] just got themselves involved in this, too, so good for them.”

So, what was the material in question?

“Finestead painted a sordid picture of Clevinger, accusing him of having ‘choked’ her last June and taken her phone so she couldn’t call the police,” Greenberg said. “She also described him as a drug abuser who drove a car while on acid with her and his two other children from another woman as passengers and as a serial cheater and abuser who is in need of ‘drug rehab and therapy.'”

Clevinger is in camp with the team. Bob Nightengale of USA Today reported on Tuesday that despite being “under investigation for potentially violating MLB’s domestic violence policy,” Clevinger “will be permitted to fully participate at the White Sox’s spring training camp. He is not being placed on administrative leave at this time.”

Clevinger signed with the White Sox in the offseason after previous stints with the San Diego Padres and Cleveland Guardians.

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