Michael Wilbon weighing in on Jacob deGrom.

The almost-unanimous (29 of 30 votes) selection of Mets’ pitcher Jacob deGrom as the recipient of the 2018 NL CY Young award has rattled some feathers amongst the traditionalist “Pitchers are evaluated by wins and losses!” folk, as deGrom posted a 10-9 record thanks to the Mets’ struggles (but had a 1.70 ERA, a 1.98 FIP, and a 216 ERA+). And one of the media personalities most annoyed about this appears to be Pardon The Interruption co-host Michael Wilbon (known for some hot takes), who went on a remarkable rant about it on that show Thursday:

“You know, Tony, I’m not with these people. I don’t respect their judgment, actually, because I don’t value what they value. I value winning the damn game more than the ERA! And therefore, it is analytical hijacking. These people have hijacked baseball, they want to impose their will and tell you what’s important. I don’t share most of, maybe none of, their values, and it’s absurd.”

Congratulations on being The Last Angry (About W-L Records) Man, Mike. This is just yet more proof that the 59-year-old Wilbon is in full “get off my lawn” mode these days.

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