Michael Kay criticizes Yankees bat boy for long hair

It might be time for a New York Yankees bat boy to shape up or ship out after play-by-play voice Michael Kay caught wind of his long hair.

In 1976, then-Yankees owner George Steinbrenner introduced the team’s “Neatness Counts” policy, outlawing players from having beards, beads, mutton chops, or long hair. Nearly a half-century after the policy was implemented, and 13 years after Steinbrenner died, the outdated and ridiculous grooming rules are still enforced by the Yankees.

During the broadcast Monday night, YES Network cameras turned to Yankees manager Aaron Boone. Sitting next to Boone was a Yankees bat boy who was breaking the long hair rule while donning the club’s iconic uniform and Kay sounded prepared to tattle on the person for having kempt blonde locks.

“Strange to see a Yankee uniform, somebody wearing that uniform with that sort of hair. If the players aren’t allowed, I don’t know if the bat boy should be allowed,” Kay said on the broadcast. “There are rules. Rules are rules. He’s disobeying two of them. I think there’s facial hair and obviously, the hair is below the collar.”

The only facial hair allowed by the Yankees are mustaches and the bat boy appeared to have a little scruff on his chin. Surely, Steinbrenner is rolling over in his grave as you read this!

For anyone who thinks Kay is just having some fun on the broadcast, remember this is a person who flexed his muscle and threatened to have an ESPN Radio producer fired over a ratings quip. Kay later claimed his on-air bout with the producer was just “performative,” so it’s possible the rule follower was just acting Monday night during the Yankees broadcast. With an experienced and talented actor like Kay, who can tell?

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