Mets Tigers It’s not a good time for the New York Mets. Credit: Bally Sports DET

The New York Mets are off to a difficult start to the 2024 MLB season. They are winless through their first five games of the new campaign. Offensive woes have hit them hard, as the team has only recorded 11 runs through those five games. Comparatively, they’ve allowed a whopping 25. That -14 run differential isn’t getting them far right now.

The misery that might exist in the Mets fandom was put on display in different but similar ways on Thursday afternoon.

Detroit and New York were tied 3-3 in extra innings. The Tigers then spurred the Mets to unravel at the top of the 11th. The Tigers scored three runs to pull ahead 6-3 in that stanza. At its conclusion, Mets fans broke out in a chorus of boos toward their favorite team. That prompted Tigers lead voice Jason Benetti to chime in with a quality quip.

“They’re not saying Boo-urns,” Benetti joked.

SNY’s Gary Cohen, the beloved voice of the Mets and one of the best announcers around, rarely minces words when talking about the team. That might explain why he’s so beloved. As the Mets spiraled toward another loss, Cohen voiced what was probably the frustration of many Met fans as the team turned in its fifth loss of the season.

“When you have not won a game, and you have had the first kind of week that the Mets have had, you almost get to a Murphy’s Law situation,” Cohen said. “It seems as though everything that can go wrong will go wrong.”

For what it’s worth, the Tigers and Mets are playing again in the second leg of a doubleheader. New York can tally its first win of the season on Thursday. But for now, it’s nothing but commiserating. It doesn’t seem like the Mets have found the sauce yet to get themselves going. While they have a lot of time, every game counts. Whether it’s now or when you realize you have to make up that lost ground.

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