Keith Hernandez, Ron Darling and Gary Cohen Photo credit: SNY

The New York Mets lost once again Saturday, leaving the team’s TV broadcasters clearly dejected as they discussed the club’s recent struggles.

The San Francisco Giants scored five runs in the top of the 10th to beat the Mets 7-2. It marked the team’s fifth straight loss and 10th in 12 games.

“Boy oh boy. It feels like the sky is falling,” analyst Keith Hernandez said.

“It has felt like that virtually every day for the last month,” play-by-play man Gary Cohen pointed out.

Cohen, Hernandez and analyst Ron Darling have seen this story too many times recently. The Mets were arguably the biggest disappointment in MLB in 2023, finishing 75-87 despite the highest payroll in baseball. The team was supposed to be improved this season, but is now 21-30 after Saturday’s loss.

The Mets broadcast trio talked at length during that ill-fated 10th inning about how the players can maintain their confidence, wondering how the team can recover from this funk.

“How hard is it to keep a positive attitude when the roof is caving in every day?” Cohen asked.

“There’s losing, and then there’s what’s happening here. And it’s two different things. This is just gut-wrenching,” Darling said.

“The Mets are now 9-22 in their last 31 games. … Remember, the sun will come up tomorrow, as difficult as that may be to realize,” Cohen concluded on an optimistic note.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom for the Mets booth Saturday, as a few young fans provided some lighter moments earlier in the game.


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