As you know, when the Sioux Falls Canaries and Sioux City Explorers (The X’s) of The American Association baseball league get together, anything is possible. And when fans showed up to watch their favorite South Dakotan baseball squads battle it out on September 3, they were treated to one heck of a highlight. The viewers at home got something extra.

In the bottom of the first inning, a Canaries player popped one into shallow left field and shortstop Errol Robinson raced to try to make the catch. The wind may have carried the ball slightly out of range of his mitt so instead, Robinson reached out with his ungloved hand and caught the ball while running full-speed in a pretty amazing display of athleticism.

What really puts the moment over the top is the call from Canaries play-by-play broadcaster Joey Zanaboni, who may have just introduced the phrase “melting faces like a misplaced microwave at an ice sculpture competition!” into our lexicon.

Get ready to work that phrase into your daily life for the next few days. And keep an eye on Zanaboni, who has quite a collection of wild calls in his repertoire.

That catch helped make the difference a the X’s won the game, too. Sioux City now finds itself in a dogfight for second place in the South Division with the Cleburne Railroaders. But then again you already knew that…

[Sioux Falls Canaries, Sioux City Explorers]

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