Mariners fan catches foul balls Photo Credit: Root Sports Northwest Screenshot

Some fans go their whole life and never catch a foul ball at a baseball game.

A Seattle Mariners fan crossed that item off his bucket list in the bottom of the first inning Monday night, when Josh Rojas lifted a long fly down the left-field foul line.

The fan reached out and caught the ball with two hands.

“You talk about a basket catch in its truest form, hot start for that guy out there,” Mariners play-by-play announcer Aaron Goldsmith said on Root Sports Northwest.

On the very next pitch, Rojas lifted another foul ball into the same general area. Goldsmith’s voice rose, because the ball, like the one on the previous pitch, possibly had home run distance if it stayed fair. But you could also sense from Goldsmith’s tone that he sensed what might be about to happen.

“Again, let’s see, into the corner, what do we got?” Goldsmith said. “He’s got both! He got ’em both!”

The fan stood and held both balls aloft.

“Jerry, give that man a contract,” Goldsmith said, referencing Mariners president of baseball operations Jerry Dipoto.

“What are the chances?” color analyst Mike Blowers asked.

It really did defy astronomical odds that the same fan, sitting almost 325 feet away from home plate, caught foul balls on consecutive pitches. In case you’re wondering how that could happen, check out the pitch chart:

Mariners Pitch ChartPhoto Credit:

Both pitches were sinkers thrown in almost exactly the same spot, at almost exactly the same speed (92.8 vs. 93.1 mph).

Even given those facts, these back-to-back plays defied the odds.


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