With the millions of dollars networks are throwing at broadcasters, many professional athletes are certainly viewing the booth as a great landing spot after they retire from playing. Unfortunately for Seattle Mariners star Jesse Winker, his broadcasting career ended before it even began.

During Seattle’s 6-5 spring training victory over the Texas Rangers, Winker joined the Mariners broadcast on Root Sports Northwest for an in-game interview and the outfielder asked for an opportunity to get some play-by-play reps in.

“Are you a budding play-by-play star?” Mariners TV voice Aaron Goldsmith asked.

“I just want to show you guys how it’s done,” Winker quipped.

With teammate Paul Sewald on the mound, Winker called a first-pitch strike. But his play-by-play career rapidly went downhill from there. “Let’s give him the gas,” Winker said before the 0-1 pitch was promptly sent over the fence for a deep home run by Rangers pinch-hitter Joe McCarthy.

“Jesse, what did you do!” Goldsmith exclaimed. And with that, Winker’s play-by-play career came to a quick end. “Yeah I won’t do that anymore,” Winker admitted as McCarthy rounded the bases. “So, what’s up guys?”

For now, Winker will stick to playing baseball, something he’s still really good at after having an All-Star season last year with the Cincinnati Reds. The 28-year-old was traded to Seattle during the offseason.

Although broadcasting doesn’t appear to be in Winker’s future when his playing career eventually ends, the Mariners outfielder seems content being a sports fan. During the interview on Root Sports Northwest, Winker declared his allegiance to Bills Mafia, claiming to have jumped through a folding table at an NFL tailgate.

The bizarre movement often attempted by Bills fans and surefire way to get your MLB contract voided should definitely be saved for after Winker retires.

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