One of the best parts of MLB spring training is the way the lax atmosphere of the games allows for more in-game interactions with players and coaches. This often presents itself as times when some of the players on the field are mic’d up and even providing live commentary from the field. It’s given us plenty of golden moments as players can comment on themselves, do some play-by-play, have some fun.

And, of course, because this is live television with people who aren’t used to monitoring everything they say, it leads to the occasional curse word.

New York Yankees’ first baseman Luke Voit was mic’d up on Sunday during the team’s spring training tilt with the Toronto Blue Jays during the fifth inning. The Yanks were trailing 5-1 when catcher Rob Brantly stepped up to the plate and promptly put one over the wall to make it 5-3. Voit took some time to admire the dinger as Brantly rounded the bases. Then, when he was home, broadcasters Michael Kay and David Cone deferred to Voit, asking him to “do some analysis.”

His analysis? “Good shit, baby.”

To his credit, Voit immediately remembered the hot mic and offered a resolute, “Oops…sorry.”

Hey, it’s alright. It’s spring training, time to work out all the kinks. And swear words.

And you know what, at least this gives Stephen A. Smith something to remember Luke by.

[Talkin’ Yanks]

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