As helicopter news cameras covered a water main break on Route 70 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey (not far outside Philadelphia), a surprising message appeared alongside busy construction crews: “Sign Harper.”Yes, someone, presumably a member of the construction crew who’s a big Phillies fan and wants their team to sign Bryce Harper, decided to write the message in the grass beside the affected area. The cameras picked up the message clear as day.

Philadelphia fans understandably want the prized free agent outfielder to sign with the Phillies. Who wouldn’t want Harper on their team? They’ve been connected to the six-time All-Star and 2015 NL MVP throughout the offseason, with recent supports suggesting the 26-year-old is Philadelphia’s current focus. He won’t come cheap, though, as Harper’s reportedly rejected deals worth more than $300 million.While the message won’t swing Harper’s decision or cause Phillies’ management to work harder in signing the baseball phenom, Philadelphia fans clearly want to him signed ASAP. Considering how slow MLB free agency has been, I don’t blame fans for getting antsy. Getting Harper would be huge for the organization.

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