Baltimore Orioles announcer Kevin Brown Credit: MASN

Baltimore Orioles fans and the rest of the Major League Baseball world have been waiting for the return of Orioles TV play-by-play announcer Kevin Brown since he was removed from the booth following a July 23 broadcast. Multiple reports earlier this week noted that he was expected to be back in the booth Friday evening for the start of the Orioles’ series against the Seattle Mariners.

In the time since Monday’s Awful Announcing report that Brown was removed indefinitely from the booth by the franchise over his discussion around the team’s prior performance against the Tampa Bay Rays, the broadcaster hasn’t commented publicly. Nor have the Orioles, other than to tell reporters on Monday that they don’t comment on personnel matters and refute the idea that he was suspended.

Brown broke his silence on Friday afternoon, tweeting that reporting around his removal from the booth has been “mischaracterized” and that he and team ownership have a great relationship.

“O’s fans – I’m a storyteller. And never want to be a part of the story. The most compelling story in baseball right now is the story of the league-leading Baltimore Orioles – the best, most exciting young team in the American League,” tweeted Brown. “Unfortunately, recent media reports have mischaracterized my relationship with my adopted hometown Orioles. The fact is that I have a wonderful relationship with the organization, and our ownership and front office has fully supported me since 2019 when I first came aboard.

“I ask that everyone disregard the distracting noise of the past few days. I have worked closely with O’s SVP Greg Bader for the past four years, and John Angelos and I have a solid dialogue based on mutual respect. We are all good here in Birdland! I am proud to be an Oriole and call Baltimore home, and there is no place in baseball I’d rather be now and for the long haul. Go O’s!”

There’s no mention in Brown’s tweets of the reason why he has not called an Orioles game on MASN since July 23.

The Baltimore Orioles Twitter account also retweeted Brown’s initial tweet.

Per Mike Gunzelman at OutKick, Brown is expected to read a statement when he returns to the booth Friday night. It’s unknown if that statement is the same one he will read on air.

The uproar around Brown’s absence from the booth has come from not only Orioles fans but also his fellow broadcasters.

MASN’s broadcast of Friday’s game between the Orioles and Mariners is scheduled to begin at 10:00 p.m. ET.

Awful Announcing stands by its sources and reporting and believes fans and readers can make up their own minds on what transpired given the additional outlets who confirmed our initial story, the Orioles’ extended period of silence, and the continued lack of explanation on Kevin’s extended departure from the booth.

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