Baltimore Orioles announcer Kevin Brown Credit: MASN

Kevin Brown’s fairly innocuous comments about the Baltimore Orioles’ recent lack of success against the Tampa Bay Rays might not have been appreciated by team ownership, but Major League Baseball broadcasters and media members are coming out in droves to support the play-by-play announcer.

Awful Announcing reported Monday that Brown has been removed from game-calling duties after noting the Orioles’ recent history against the Tampa Bay Rays at the top of a July 23 broadcast. In the segment, Brown simply states facts and essentially tries to explain how this year’s Orioles team is performing better than previous ones.

Brown has not appeared in an Orioles TV broadcast since. He did return for a broadcast during the Rays’ series against the Philadelphia Phillies but only because a different broadcaster got in trouble over a different infraction, per The Athletic. Since then, he has been MIA from all Baltimore Orioles broadcasts.

A senior Orioles official told Awful Announcing “We don’t comment on personnel matters” and “We look forward to hearing Kevin’s voice soon.”

It’s fair to say that Brown’s colleagues in the announcer world have not taken kindly to the news. It appears to be the latest in a series of attempts by team owners or powerful people to stifle anything resembling criticism, even if, in Brown’s case, it was clearly not any kind of critique.

The Athletic’s Sam Blum said in April that he was banned from a show on the Los Angeles Angels radio network due to his “negativity” and that the team was pre-screening questions from reporters to suss out anything they deemed too negative. Longtime Syracuse radio host Brent Axe was fired for being “overly negative” in a move that appeared to be done to appease outgoing Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim.

The unfairness of the purported punishment as it relates to what Brown did brought a lot of MLB announcers and media members out of the woodwork to defend their colleague and hope he either returns to the booth soon or finds himself in the employment of better bosses.

Along with his tweet, Yankees announcer Michael Kay also went off on one during his radio show on Monday.

Phillies voice Tom McCarthy noted that Brown was merely reading off a graphic that was prepared well before the broadcast and if anything, it celebrates what the team has achieved this season.

Mets announcer Gary Cohen addressed the Orioles directly on Monday night’s telecast, warning the franchise that they were repeating past mistakes with their broadcasters and that Brown would be wanted by every other major league organization.

You can read Awful Announcing’s initial report on Brown here.

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