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December 2020 has seen quite the exodus of long-tenured writers, including T.R. Sullivan (Rangers), Greg Johns (Mariners), and Jeffrey Flanagan (Royals). The latest in that line is Ken Gurnick, who had been covering the Dodgers since 1982 and had been writing about them at since 2001:

Gurnick has long been a notable figure on the Dodgers’ beat, and he ‘s written books with Rick Monday and Steve Garvey. And it’s certainly significant to see this wider exit of long-tenured writers. Ryan Thibodaux (who runs the Baseball Hall of Fame voter tracker) commented on that last week in terms of the change this has seen in Hall of Fame voters (required by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America to have been an active BBWAA member for 10 years, and then allowed to continue voting for 10 years after their active membership).

Gurnick was not one of the six writers who voted for the Hall of Fame last year, so his departure doesn’t deplete that count (for the record, he declared in 2014 that he wouldn’t vote for the Hall of Fame again after backlash he received for voting for Jack Morris and no one else). But his exit does certainly further deplete the amount of beatwriting experience at And it’s definitely notable to see so many fixtures all leaving in the same year.

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