Spring training is a more relaxed atmosphere for baseball. That goes for the players and coaches and fans, of course, but it apparently also extends to broadcasters.

If you need evidence, let’s take a look at Wednesday’s Grapefruit League game between the Mets and Yankees, when the broadcast team was interrupted by what at first sounded like a horror film music cue.

Hernandez’s “What’s going on?” in response to his own phone is great, as is Ron Darling’s immediate giggling. Then the phone rings again, which led to Hernandez (jokingly?) insinuating he was ducking the call:

Hernandez: I gotta turn “OFF.” Does everybody think I’m…

Darling: What’s going on there?

Hernandez: It has nothing to do with popularity, trust me. Those three rings? I don’t want anything to do with them.

Darling: Midseason form, here we go.

Any guesses on who was calling? Maybe Jerry Seinfeld, asking Keith to help him move?

Hopefully, Hernandez discovers the vibrate setting prior to Opening Day.

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