Keith Hernandez reacts to Texas Rangers cheerleaders on SNY Photo credit: SNY

Like a dog seeing a squirrel, don’t expect Keith Hernandez to remember he’s still on television after being shown an attractive woman.

Returning from a commercial break to start the bottom half of the seventh inning during the New York Mets 12-2 win over the Texas Rangers Monday night, SNY aired two cheerleaders dancing on the visiting team’s dugout.

“They have cheerleaders in Texas,” play-by-play voice Gary Cohen noted. “It looks like a high school football game.”

And much like the group of little leaguers who could be seen rooting on the cheerleaders from the stands, Hernandez couldn’t help himself from fawning over the women.

“It does,” Hernandez chimed in with a rather salacious tone to his voice before asking, “Which high school?”

“Not yours,” Cohen responded to squash that conversation from going any further as quickly as he could.

You have to feel for Cohen a little bit here. He made a rather harmless comment about cheerleaders being at a Major League Baseball game and Hernandez couldn’t help himself from making it awkward by turning on his sexy time voice.

Maybe it’s SNY’s fault for broadcasting the cheerleaders while Hernandez was in the room. By now, they should anticipate Hernandez, a big 69 guy who previously called himself a “creepy old man,” is incapable of focusing on baseball when the opportunity to fawn over a woman presents itself.

Have they forgotten the hot dog incident of 2014? “My goodness,” Hernandez said as SNY showed a woman eating a $25 hot dog, only to clear up any confusion about the comment by confirming, “I wasn’t talking about the hot dog.”

Cohen certainly didn’t forget. Earlier this year, Hernandez took note of the “monster” hot dogs at LoanDepot Park in Miami, prompting Cohen to hilariously point out, “At least this time, you were talking about the hot dog.”

Mets fans love Hernandez for his willingness to not always stick to baseball, although they could probably do without the creepy voice. Was Hernandez’s creepy old man voice creepy? Yes. Was Hernandez’s creepy old man voice surprising while cheerleaders were on the screen? Probably not.


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