Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez

After mocking the Philadelphia Phillies tendency to commit errors on the baseball field earlier this season, Keith Hernandez had a blunder of his own in the SNY broadcast booth Tuesday night.

As Hernandez and play-by-play voice Gary Cohen welcomed viewers to SNY’s coverage of the Mets and Milwaukee Brewers, the elite analyst and former stud first baseman briefly stumbled and bumbled through his intro.

“They’re both on a pace to win over 100 games, which is a wonderful obstacle. I mean a pinnacle of…” Hernandez said as he began to stammer before eventually seeking assistance from Cohen. “Could I have the word?”

“It’s a great objective to obtain,” Cohen said to pick Hernandez up and get the broadcast back on track. I think the better word would have been “achievement,” but hindsight is 20/20.

While Hernandez lost his train of thought and struggled during the intro, credit him for at least recognizing he was live and without a mulligan. As he searched for the right word, I couldn’t help but recall Bert Blyleven similarly stammering though a 2006 game intro, prompting the Hall-of-Famer to say, “we gotta do this f*cking thing over again because I just f*cked it up.”

Unfortunately for Blyleven, he would quickly find out his Minnesota Twins pregame segment was live on Fox Sports Net North. His profanity garnered a five-broadcast suspension.

Phillies fans will surely mock Hernandez’s gaffe in an attempt to get back at the analyst for throwing shade Philadelphia’s way last month. But Hernandez proved to still be a pro even while committing the blatant error.


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