Keith Hernandez (left), Ron Darling, and Gary Cohen (right).

Keith Hernandez has been a lot of fun on SNY’s Mets’ broadcasts over the years, from having his phone go off during a spring training game to accidentally flipping off SNY cameras and telling stories about Dr. Seuss-inspired ties to buying pretzels on air to offering accurate-if-coarse criticisms of Tanner Roark when he thought he was off the air. Hernandez (seen at left above) has also long been known for his devotion to his cat Hadji, and that led to an interesting moment on SNY’s broadcast of the Mets’ 8-4 road win over the Phillies Tuesday night, where the broadcast briefly was interrupted by an iPad call to Hernandez from the person who was supposed to feed his cat. Hernandez then explained what was going on, and then that explanation was briefly interrupted itself by Gary Cohen (seen at right above) calling a home run from Mets’ left fielder Dominic Smith:

Here’s a transcription of that discussion between Cohen and Hernandez:

“What is that sound?” “That’s me, sorry.” “That’s you? I thought that was coming from the ballpark!” “I had the…ah, just don’t go there.” “Don’t go where?” “I got a slight emergency at home, that’s what it is.” “Aw. Is Hadji okay?” “Everything’s fine, but I thought I had the iPad turned off, and obviously I didn’t. It’s nothing serious.” “Can we help in any way?” “It’s just, somebody was supposed to feed my cat, and she hasn’t fed the cat in a while, and she used the wrong key, and it’s jammed in the door, and I don’t know if I’m going to be able to get in my house tonight.” “And…wait a sec, Dom lifts one out to left, and it’s hit pretty well, back goes Joyce, near the wall, and it’s out of here! Dom Smith with the Mets’ first home run of the season! An opposite-field two run shot! Dom sat last night, he bombs tonight, a two-run shot, and it’s 2-0 New York in the fourth.”

As far as interruptions of broadcast dialogue for a home-run call go, this is far better thanAnd there’s a drive into deep left field by Castellanos.” But we do hope that Hernandez was able to get into his house okay, and that Hadji was able to get some food in the end.

Update: Here’s what Hernandez related later on this:

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