Keith Hernandez used the New York Mets broadcast to hilariously test out a telestrator on his broadcast colleagues.

During Tuesday’s broadcast between the Mets and Miami Marlins, Hernandez’s interest in a new telestrator piqued. He admitted to not knowing a pen needed to be used for the device. Play-by-play man Gary Cohen wondered how Hernandez didn’t know that and asked whether or not he had training on it. Ron Darling and Hernandez focused their attention away from the game to the telestrator.

Hernandez quickly drew a circle over the head of Darling, before upgrading it to a shadow circle, placing emphasis on his colleague. A smiling Hernandez wasn’t done there, as he put cones around the broadcast booth, calling his creation “the Gary Cohen of silence.” The entire team chuckled.

It’s clear Hernandez had the time of his life playing with the telestrator. I know I would. Every time I see a broadcast using the device, I’m curious about how it works. Hernandez felt the same way and opted to use it at the expense of his colleagues.

The telestrator segment was great because of how genuine and funny the broadcast crew were. Yes, the telestrator was used against its in-game purpose, but I’d happily like to see Hernandez get another crack at it – of course, only if he’s done proper training like Cohen suggested.

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