Andrew McCutchen Photo Credit: SportsNet Pittsburgh; Jomboy Media Pittsburgh Pirates star Andrew McCutchen in action against the Detroit Tigers.

Jomboy Media’s Talkin’ Baseball X account tried to get clever with a post involving Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen Wednesday, and fans were not amused.

The account quote-tweeted a story from Philadelphia’s Fox 29 on the search for an attempted homicide suspect named Andrew McCutchen. Yes, the 2013 NL MVP’s name is unique enough that reading the story is enough to make baseball fans do a double-take.

Obviously, the Pirates outfielder/DH is not the guy police are seeking. But the Talkin’ Baseball account (linked to the main Jomboy podcast of the same name, one of that company’s many podcasts) quote-tweeted the story, along with an image of McCutchen at bat Wednesday, with the message, “he’s right here officer.”

The joke post didn’t go over well with baseball fans. It definitely generated engagement, just not the kind the account hoped for.

As noted, it is unusual the suspect shares such a unique name with the Pirates star. This is not like a generic Joe Smith, James Jones or Andy Reid. Still, attempted murder is not really something to joke about; the family of the victim probably wouldn’t find any humor in the post.

[Talkin’ Baseball; Photo Credit: SportsNet Pittsburgh; Jomboy Media]

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