In case you’re curious what New York Yankees legendary radio broadcast John Sterling will bellow when Giancarlo Stanton hits his first (of what will likely be many) home runs during the 2018 MLB season, you’re going to need to wait until (at least) Thursday.

Sterling talked with the New York Times about his home run call for Stanton, revealing that he has one in mind, but won’t unleash it upon the public until Stanton’s first home run of the season.

Sterling is not showing his cards. He declined a chance to give it a trial run in an interview, and when Stanton hit a spring training home run a couple of weeks ago, Sterling proclaimed it “a Stantonian blast!” But that was just a place-holder; the real thing will not be unveiled until Stanton homers in a regular-season game.

He did give hints about the call, saying it was “an Italian phrase that rhymes,” which doesn’t help us out too much. Sterling also said he was “mildly concerned” about whether or not fans would “get” the call.

But there is trepidation because one of the great joys in Sterling’s life is when fans approach him and repeat back to him one of his trademark calls — “That’s when you know you’ve got something” — and he’s not sure Stanton’s will clear that bar.

“This one is so different,” he said. “It’s an Italian phrase that rhymes. I don’t know if anyone will get it. I’m really worried. Well, not really worried. In fact, I’m not worried. Let’s say I’m mildly concerned.

“Boy, I hope it works. It may not.”

Oh god, it’s going to be something ridiculous like “buongiorno Giancarlo,” isn’t it?

The most ridiculous part about this is that Stanton isn’t even Italian – his heritage is Puerto Rican, Irish, and African-American. Way to go, John.

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