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In the immediate aftermath of the New York Yankees‘ 5-4 comeback victory over the Cleveland Guardians on Saturday, there was an ugly incident involving New York fans in right field. And Yankees’ radio play-by-play man John Sterling was not happy.

Gleyber Torres singled to drive in Isiah Kiner-Falefa for the winning run to cap the Yankees’ comeback victory. Moments after Sterling completed his well known “Yankees win — theeeeeeeeeee Yankees win” call, he noticed an incident involving fans and Cleveland right fielder Oscar Mercado. Various objects were thrown on the field, which prompted the Guardians and later the Yankees to run out there. Sterling’s jubilant call immediately turned angry as he called the fans out for their behavior.

“That ruins what would be a great Yankee comeback. And the Yankees have run out there and are telling the fans, ‘stop throwing things.’ I think that’s disgraceful. That’s disgraceful. That’s not Yankee Stadium. Those aren’t Yankee fans. Hooligans.”

Sterling is on point here. Excluding hats at hockey games following a hat trick, there is no excuse for fans to throw stuff on the field. It’s dangerous to not only the players on the field but also the fans in the stands, as not all throws will reach the field. Anyone who does throw an object onto the field deserves to be called out for it.

Sterling has gained notoriety over the years for occasionally missing calls, being left to awkwardly correct himself. And while we can all have some fun with those gaffes when they happen, we must be fair and give him praise when he’s on the money. That’s the case here.

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