John Schriffen and Steve Stone. Photo Credit: NBC Sports Chicago White Sox announcer John Schriffen (left) unloaded on the umpires after a controversial call ended Thursday’s game against the White Sox. Photo Credit: NBC Sports Chicago.

John Schriffen is in his first year as the play-by-play man for the Chicago White Sox on NBC Sports Chicago. And in the immediate aftermath of a controversial ending on Thursday night, Schriffen produced a rant reminiscent of so many delivered by Hawk Harrelson in his long tenure calling White Sox games.

The subject of his rant? The umpires.

Heading into the bottom of the ninth, it seemed unlikely that the game would have a notable finish at all. The visiting Baltimore Orioles had a seemingly commanding 8-2 lead. But the White Sox rallied and scored four runs before a single out was recorded.

After Baltimore’s Yennier Canó struck out Zach DeLoach for the first out of the inning, the Orioles called upon closer Craig Kimbrel — who entered the game with one out, runners on first and second and Baltimore nursing an 8-6 lead — to close things out. Kimbrel got Andrew Benintendi to pop out for what was seemingly the second out of the inning. Only, there was more to it.

Benintendi popped the ball up to Baltimore shortstop Gunnar Henderson, prompting an infield fly to be called. Despite that, Henderson caught the ball. After a few seconds of confusion, it quickly became apparent that the umpires were saying the game was over. Third base umpire Junior Valentine ruled that Chicago’s Andrew Vaughn, who was on second base, interfered with Henderson.

And even though it was an infield fly and Henderson caught the ball, the interference was an additional out, which ended the game.

“No. They can’t end the game like this. No way,” Schriffen said.

But while White Sox manager Pedro Grifol was arguing the call, it was quickly apparent that the argument was falling on deaf ears. And as the umpires and players were walking off of the field, Schriffen got more frustrated.

“Adrian Johnson, as the crew chief, you gotta take over here,” he said. “That cannot be how this game ends…They called infield fly rule and then they called Andrew Vaughn out at second for obstructing Henderson at short.”

After color commentator Steve Stone called it a “terrible call,” Schriffen continued.

“We’ve seen some bad calls this season. That is one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen. That is terrible. Pedro is still talking to the crew chief, Adrian Johnson. This just doesn’t even make sense. Vaughn is walking back to the bag with his back to the fielder. And they ended the game like this? Come on! What is this nonsense?

“I don’t even have any words right now,” Schriffen added later. “I’m at a loss. And I’m trying to keep my job so I’m not gonna say anything.”

[Photo Credit: NBC Sports Chicago]

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